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Hell Was Made for Men Like These

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This is absolutely incredible. You may have seen the news stories about the helicopter that was shot down today and killed all 11 people on board. Well, correction… the crash killed 10 people and the murderous terrorist sons-of-bitches who quickly arrived on scene dispatched number 11. If that wasn’t in itself bad enough, first they toyed with him.

The video begins with an unseen cameraman breathing heavily and running with the camera toward burning wreckage. Two bodies are visible, one of them severely charred, nearly all its clothes burned away.

“Look at that filth,” someone says in Arabic at the sight of the body. There are brief glimpses of a man carrying an assault rifle along with the cameraman.

The scene moves to tall grass, where a man with thinning, gray hair and wearing a blue flight suit is lying on his back, the right side of his head bloody.

“Stand up! Stand up!” the cameraman shouts to him in English.

“I can’t, it’s broken. Give me a hand,” the survivor says in accented English, raising his hands for help. “Give me your hand,” he repeats.

It appears the militants help pull him to his feet. “Weapons?” the gunmen shout at him in Arabic.

The cameraman tells the crewman, whose face is visible, to step back.

“Go! Go!” he shouts.

The survivor then tries to walk, limping with his back to the insurgents, who then say something to him that makes him turn around. He raises his hands to somebody off camera as if gesturing to them to stop what they are about to do.

The militants open fire, continuing to shoot him after he fell to the ground as someone shouts “Allahu Akbar.”

These are the men we are fighting in Iraq and the war on terror. Don’t forget them, what they’re like, or of what they’re capable.

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