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I was thinking about extensively responding to this editorial (maybe even a fisking) by Jason Miller, but decided it wasn't worth the trouble. It's essentially one long Marxist screed in which conservatives are corporate whores, mainstream media is all about corporate interests (and, therefore, clearly not liberal in any way – a really bad argument many liberals make), and corporations are, of course, utterly evil. All journalists are in thrall to the corporate beast unless they're blatantly liberal and challenge conservative government on everything.

The solution to the corporate-centered presentation of the media? The thing that can break the bourgeois capitalist media power structure's hold on the proletariat mind? The internet – a fact he explains in a rather orgasmic paragraph about how all the information is out there to assemble. Just as long as the corporations and the conservatives don't get their hands on it! Anyway, read it in full if you like and be prepared for plenty of eye-rolling.

(link via Michelle Malkin)

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