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The Crusade Movie

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I've discussed the Crusades several times (do a search) and now they've made a movie about them, Kingdom of Heaven. I don't have much to say on it, but Zombietime does and he claims that the film was purposely made to be as p.c. and non-anti-Muslim as possible, to the point of wild historical inaccuracies beyond even the limits of wild historical inaccuracies that are to be expected in such movies. I don't expect or encourage anti-Muslim bias in films, but don't think any noble cause is served by cowering to sensitivities at the expense of historical accuracy. Drama, maybe, but not sensitivities.

I especially liked this quote:

Sir Ridley's spokesman said that the film portrays the Arabs in a positive light. "It's trying to be fair and we hope that the Muslim world sees the rectification of history."

The "rectification of history." Dwell on that.

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