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Children’s Books Following Al and Tipper Gore’s Lead

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Michelle Malkin has this post up about a book assigned to a Kindergarten class as part of a diversity reading bag. The purpose of the book, Who's in a Family?, is to teach kids about different types of families. This includes households with two gay or lesbian parents, which is irritating the conservative family folk. I think they have a point, but I want to look at something else.

Looking at a couple of pages of the book on Amazon, I paid special attention to the back cover, which says:

Who's in a family?
The people who love you the most!
Chances are, your family is like no one else's –
and that's just fine.

What struck me about that is that reminded me of what I had read about Al and Tipper Gore's 2002 book Joined at the Heart. In it, the Gores basically define ‘family’ as that which is bound by emotional ties and not by any sort of structural norms. Sound like that back cover quote? Then I found the introduction to the book which includes this line: "There are all kinds of families — and no one has the right to tell you that your family isn't the right kind." Again, sound a little familiar?

I'd have to read fully both books to make a more definite comparison, but given this brief reading, it sure sounds like the kid's book is modeled off of the Gore book's ideology. I don't find that very comforting.

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