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Loaded Questions

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MRC has a selection of loaded questions reporters asked President Bush at the press conference last night. Here's my favorite:

Sir, you've talked all around the country about the poisonous partisan atmosphere here in Washington. I wonder why do you think that is? And do you personally bear any responsibility in having contributed to this atmosphere?

This would be like asking an environmentalist, "Sir, you've talked a lot about greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide leading to global warming. Do you personally bear any responsibility in having contributed to this atmosphere?"

The answer, of course, is yes. He's a CO2 emitting lifeform, after all. Likewise, with Bush, the answer is yes. He's a Washington politician. Of course he's contributing to partisanship. The point, though, isn't just whether he's doing so since that answer is so obvious as to be useless. The real question is to what degree he's doing it comparable to others. There are other things out there producing far more and consequential amounts of CO2 than the environmentalist and there are other politicians contributing much more to partisanship than is Bush. So, essentially, the reporter asked a catch-22 question, along the same lines as "When did you stop beating your wife?" Real fair.

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