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Weapons of Mass Confection

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Last night, conservative speaker David Horowitz was hit with a pie as he began a speech. This was after William Kristol got pied about a week ago, and it's an occasional tactic of lefties to do this to people they don't like, such as industry moguls and the like. Bill Gates once got pied.

Some think that the innocent pie slinging could eventually escalate into more potent forms of violence. I'm not convinced of that, but taking the protest-through-pastry practice as it is, it's fairly ridiculous. The guy who lobbed the confection at Horowitz could have sat through the speech, taken a few notes, and then asked some pointed (and at least in his mind, devastating) questions of the man. That's the nature of free speech, after all; you listen, challenge, and have dialogue. That the mystery meringue man opted instead for profound immaturity demonstrates he wasn't much for free speech. And quite honestly, they are taking very serious issues and reducing their own role in the debate to the level of the 3 Stooges. Before long, we should expect MoveOn-type folks to respond to challenges with simply, "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk." A potent retort, certainly, but still surprisingly irrelevant.

Another critique of the pie-throwing is that you would think that if they're going to take their work at all seriously, they would at least shell out the extra two dollars for quality pies, say lemon meringue, chocolate, pecan, or apple. Instead, it’s always a mere crust with some Reddi-whip sprayed on it. Sure, it's a lightweight and easily assembled weapon of mass confection, but it simply doesn't show the dedication that a solid (and staining!) cherry pie demonstrates. If you're going to be an immature, anti-speech, colossal fool, you might as well be one with some style.

One last note is that these incidents, of course, remind me of the Simpsons episode where Homer becomes PieMan. Perhaps the pie hurlers mistake themselves as this noble superhero.

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