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Schwarzenegger-related Premonition Watch

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Nearly two and a half years ago, this blog expressed its worry over rumblings of a Constitutional amendment that would allow foreign-born American citizens to become President. My concern was that this would validate a reference made in the terrible yet entertaining movie Demolition Man, a film already with one true prediction in that it listed a 'Scott Peterson' as a criminal in the cryo-prison.

I am now frightened that events may be unfolding such that the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle Total Recall may be proved prophetic. Scientists have just announced that they think there is a massive ice deposit up to 2.3 miles thick at Mars's southern pole. In the movie, Arnold activates an alien machine that takes a massive ice deposit somewhere underneath the surface of Mars and somehow converts it into a breathable atmosphere.

Next Schwarzenegger movie thing to come true? Male pregnancy? Clones? He's like a crystal ball, that Arnold!

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