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Trivial Miracles

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You know how occasionally you get those cases where people see the Virgin Mary in grilled cheese sandwiches, a spot under an overpass, or a mold clump in the bathroom?  The latest incarnation, coming out of Houston is that the image of Mary, on Ash Wednesday no less, appeared on a school cafeteria baking sheet that had recently been used for pizza.

On Wednesday, Rodriguez, a longtime kitchen worker, was leaning over the sink of the cafeteria at Pugh Elementary washing sheet pans — the kind that normally hold rows of chocolate chip cookies or chicken nuggets.

It was with the last pan, pulled from the cold rinse, that the Virgin appeared, Rodriguez, 59, said.

"I started looking at it, and started looking at it, until I realized it was the Virgin," she said.

The pan appears to be stained, maybe by grease, with an image several inches tall. A splotch of missing color resembles the Virgin Mother's down-turned face, a slight rainbow stain running alongside this could be a shawl.

This example of pareidolia is now being hailed as a message from God and as a miracle.  The pan has its own shrine outside a PTA member's house where crowds are coming to pray before it.

It's a grease spot. 

My opinion on such things is that if the God of the universe – who created existence as we know it, whose power is beyond fathoming, whose previous miracles included such things as healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, and resurrecting the dead – has been minimized or reduced to executing such miracles as producing curiously-shaped grease spots on a cafeteria baking sheet, then we're all in a lot of trouble.

The miraculous grease spot.  We're doomed.


  1. What’s with all the easy targets lately? Nazi-slinging? Idol? PC gone too far? The media’s obsession with celebrity? What’s next: a scathing critique of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats?

    Pick on something worth picking on, not this stuff.

    Comment by Sean — 2/25/2007 @ 1:22 pm

  2. Oh, my critique would be far too devastating to be considered merely ‘scathing,’ my friend. The creation of a new adjective would be necessary.

    I’m much too busy to wade too far into serious issues, which is why my posting has been so light (quantitatively and qualitatively). I hardly even have time to read news at all, let alone find things worth commenting on. If you forward me interesting articles, though, I’m sure I could find something to say.

    Comment by Dangerous Dan — 2/25/2007 @ 2:23 pm

  3. I did like the weeping San Antonio MAry tree from a few months back that was credited with several miraculous healings. Turns out it had a root growing into a water pipe.

    That grease spot does look like a traditional picture of Mary when you are told beforehand that it looks like her. Of course it also looks like one of the Mercury capsules reentering the Earth’s atmosphere.

    Comment by Pete the Elder — 2/25/2007 @ 2:41 pm

  4. Forwarding is so Web 1.0. Just subscribe to my del.icio.us feed. (Warning: I rarely tag political articles.)

    Comment by Sean — 2/27/2007 @ 1:44 pm

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