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Clinton Video Game Tax?

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There are rumors (rumors, mind you, since I can’t find independent confirmation of this, although the reporting blogger is respected in gaming circles) that Hillary Clinton is thinking about pushing for special taxes on video games:

Sources tell me that Clinton has been asking around for volunteers for a new anti-violence in video games initiative. Specifically, Clinton is trolling for someone who feels passionate about extreme violence in video games.

One of Clinton’s brainbursts is to try and add a special tax to video games, sorta like what a lot of states do for cigarettes. The profits from the tax would then go to a child advocacy program.

The “concerned parent” would need to attend a press conference to make a short statement and should be able to deal with annoying reporters asking questions like: Did Sen. Clinton send out a memo asking for someone like you to talk for her at a press conference?

If true, this would be a nice calculated move intended to appeal to both liberals and conservatives. The fiscal liberals get taxes on something (anything) to funnel towards a feel-good cause and the social conservatives get to punish the evil video games destroying their kids’ brains and .

Of course, this could just as easily backfire by torquing the social liberals who don’t think such things as violent video games should be punished and the fiscal conservatives who think taxing generally, but especially social engineering through taxing, is severe governmental overreach.

I think the latter outcome is more likely. As this notes, it also won’t play well with the Kos crowd that Hillary will appear to be pandering to conservative values-based issues, which they consider trivial or distracting, instead of focusing on the big issues.

(via Joystiq)

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