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AP Bias

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The AP has a few different articles up about the State of the Union address and the editorializing is heavy. Here's a selection with actual quotes. Any italics are mine.

From Terence Hunt, AP White House Correspondent:

A politically weakened President Bush declared Tuesday night that America must break its long dependence on Mideast oil and rebuked critics of his stay-the-course strategy for the unpopular war in Iraq.

He declared that the "the state of our union is strong" despite Americans' anxieties about the war in Iraq, the economy and soaring energy costs. Oil prices are inching toward $70 a barrel, throwing a cloud over the economy and pinching Americans' pocketbooks.

Facing budget deficits that may approach or exceed $400 billion this year, Bush had no room for expensive, new initiatives.

Bush went before the nation after the toughest year of his administration. His job approval rating is in the anemic high 30s to low 40s.

Despite recent elections in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories that have given rise to religious-based parties with views sometimes hostile to the West, Bush pressed Saudi Arabia and Egypt — longtime allies that Washington is loath to challenge too aggressively — to provide greater freedoms to their citizens.

From an AP article about people reacting to the speech:

President Bush delivered his fifth State of the Union address following arguably his worst year in office — so-so poll numbers, the controversial war in
Iraq, revelations about the administration's secret domestic spying program, and missteps following Hurricane Katrina. Americans from Pennsylvania to California watched Tuesday with a mixture of skepticism and optimism — often along party lines.

The writers consulted 12 people about the speech. 10 of them reacted negatively. Moreover, most of them were predisposed to react negatively for various reasons, which should have been obvious. Keep in mind that they were most likely sought out, not just man on the street. Nice balance, guys.

From Josef Hebert, Associated Press Writer:

President Bush acknowledged America's reliance on oil Tuesday night, but his proposals will do nothing to curb today's high energy costs and are likely to make only a modest dent on oil imports — even in the long run.

But the president's litany of initiatives is similar to what he has long touted and reflects many of the same alternative fuel proposals included in a broad energy bill he signed into law last summer.

As he often has in the past, Bush renewed his call to develop hydrogen-fueled vehicles, a technology most energy experts say will not be ready for two or three decades, if then.

From AP's "analysis" by Ron Fournier, AP Political Writer:

The state of the union is fretful.

President Bush acknowledged the public's agitated state Tuesday night when he gave voice to growing concerns about the course of the nation he has led for five years. His credibility no longer the asset it once was, the president begged Americans' indulgence for another chance to fix things.

[And there's plenty more. Fournier also references somebody that appears to have been at the same Costa Mesa party mentioned in the reaction article.]

From Jennifer Loven
, Associated Press Writer:

President Bush, opening the fall campaign season, is painting Democrats as defeatist for criticizing his march to war in Iraq and protectionist for questioning new trade deals and tax-cut extensions.

Encumbered by some of the lowest approval ratings of his presidency, Bush hoped to take charge of the agenda at the start of a year that will see races for most of Congress and 36 governorships.

Bush has been beset by criticism that his optimistic messages of recent years haven't squared with the worries many Americans feel over high energy and health care costs, the costly and deadly Iraq war and continuing terrorist threats. He acknowledged the anxieties of "a period of consequence," while still expressing confidence in the future.

In Tuesday's speech, the president, hampered by big budget deficits, offered a modest program. He declared that America must break its long dependence on Mideast oil and rebuked critics of his stay-the-course strategy for the unpopular war in Iraq.

Bush declared "the state of our union is strong and together we will make it stronger." But Democrats said Bush was living in a fantasyland.

From Liz Sidoti, Associated Press Writer, writing about Kaine's response:

The president's fifth State of the Union address comes during tumultuous times for the scandal-plagued Republican Party. Democrats are seeking to regain power in Congress by emphasizing GOP woes.

Ten months before Election Day, support for Bush has soured and public sentiment favors Democrats.

[She then goes to report Democratic responses with no commentary.]

That's the AP, everyone! The Agence France Presse article about the SOTU was far more straightforward than any of these. When people complain about liberal media bias, take note – this is it.

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