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HuffPo’s Guy on Iran « Dangerous Dan
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HuffPo’s Guy on Iran

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HuffPo has a regular contributor named Hooman Majd, who’s a real interesting guy because he’s taken up the challenge of consistently defending Iran in all its crazy glory. In one post, he argues for Iran developing a nuclear program because it will run out of oil in 30 years. He admits that it could build a bomb and that would be bad, but then he happily dances around the issue without ever really addressing it.

In his latest post, he chides the U.S. government for rebuffing Iran’s friendly overtures, such as this one:

Today, in what has to be another effort to reach out to the U.S., Iran revealed that a proposal has been sent to the Civil Aviation Authority suggesting a direct air-link between the U.S. and Iran (and even allowing U.S. airlines to fly the route). So far, there has been no response from our side, or from Delta and United. The timing of such an overture is no accident. It indicates that despite all the rhetoric, the Iranians still want better relations with America.

Feel free to take a moment to wipe that incredulous look off your face. Hmmm… yes, it is curious that we wouldn’t allow Iranian airliners to fly over American cities. It’s not like we’ve ever had bad experiences with airplanes and Muslim extremists or anything. I’m sure our reluctance also couldn’t be because an anti-American country with nuclear ambitions could obviate the need for ICBM’s when they can just deliver a weapon in the cargo hold of an Airbus.

The spit takes don’t stop there. Check out this one:

The Iraq war, it should be remembered, started in 2003, and it’s anyone’s guess how that adventure might have turned out if the Iranians weren’t sitting back, gleeful that Saddam was gone, but hoping for a quagmire that would exhaust the U.S.. Given the Iranians’ pathological hatred of Saddam Hussein, it is not inconceivable that Iran might have joined the “coalition of the willing,” had relations improved sufficiently.

Why our government persists in rejecting every Iranian overture is baffling, considering that we could use Iran’s help in Iraq and its help in fighting Al Qaeda terrorism.

This is the same Iran sending insurgents into Iraq and which is supplying them with sophisticated mines and explosives. Iran has no interest in fighting terrorism or in stabilizing Iraq. Its interests are actually the exact opposite. It desires a weaker U.S. and for America to have problems in Iraq. The more problems we have there, the less likely it is to be attacked since it weakens Bush’s political position and preoccupies our military. Iran would also dearly love to turn Iraq into an extension of itself. Conquering Iraq would probably be going too far, but if Iran can make it go towards being an Shiite-dominated Islamic republic, then it will essentially turn it into an Iranian client state.

Majd’s arguments are so weak and fallacious, it’s stunning. What’s even more disturbing are the number of commenters who agree with him.

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