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Random Thoughts on Jesse and Al

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After the last post, I started thinking about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. First, notice I refuse to use the honorific 'reverend,' since there as much ministers of God as I am a bicycle.

I still remember back in 2001 when Jackson admitted he had a child out of wedlock by a woman with whom he was having an affair. The news came out on a Thursday or Friday and Jackson promptly declared that he was going to take some time off out of the public spotlight so that he could reconnect with his wife and make amends. Family was important, ya see. By Sunday evening he had announced that he was going back to work (such as it is). He was so used to the attention and so drunk on his own hyper-inflated self-importance that he couldn't stand to be away.

Oh yeah, the Rainbow Push Coalition also paid the mother $40K to move to California, $365K to buy a house, and $3K a month in payments. Sure it looks like hush money, but Rainbow Push denied that, although there's no other way to explain why a non-profit advocacy group was laying out so much money for one former employee. If I was a donor to that group, I'd be a little torqued that my cash was going towards covering up Jesse Jackson's indiscretions.

Then there's Sharpton. I already discussed him at length here, but want to add something else. He first preached a sermon at 4 years-old and was an ordained minister at 9. He was known as the boy wonder preacher. Young kids may have an instinctive idea of God's love, but they certainly don't know enough or have lived enough to be able to teach adults or to understand what they preach. A kid preaching that young merely has a gift for rhetoric and they have first learned the power that effective rhetoric can give them. That was Sharpton's earliest lesson and I certainly don't trust him.


  1. The best thing I saw Jesse Jackson do was read ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ on Saturday Night Live.
    This was back in the early 90’s when he still had some credibility and SNL was still funny.

    Comment by Burton — 1/19/2006 @ 3:30 pm

  2. Jackson is no reverend. He put in about one semester in a divinity school so that he could pretend to be MLK. I think he was eventually given some kind of “honorary” divinity degree, but I’m pretty sure he was never ordained or had a congregation. The “Reverend” thing is just a pose.

    Comment by Van Helsing — 1/19/2006 @ 4:16 pm

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