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Don’t Scare the Chavez!

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is becoming more tyrannical all the time. He must be getting dictator lessons from Castro when they get together. His latest move is that he's trying to ban Halloween on the basis that it's 'terrorist.' How it's terrorist, I'm not sure… maybe he once got egged by disgruntled teenagers. He seems to be claiming it's a gringo holiday being forced on the country or something along those lines. Chavez is labeling just about everything and everybody he doesn't like with 'terrorist,' though. He's merely using the real threat of terrorism and applying the term to his enemies since it plays well in the media and with useful idiots.

That he's trying to end Halloween may seem silly (real conservative Christians try do this in the U.S., after all), but there are serious underlying issues here. He's trying to reshape Venezuela into what he wants it to be, even going to absurd lengths such as this. He's trying to assert control over people's lives and customs, telling them what they can and cannot celebrate. This is the stuff of megalomaniacs and tyrants.

It doesn't help that some decorations were apparently used against him:

His comments came after authorities in Caracas recently seized pumpkins, cardboard skeleton costumes and other traditional Halloween items inscribed with anti-Chavez messages.

It's unsettling that police had the authority to seize these items because they were anti-Chavez.

Visit Moonbattery for a nice picture of Chavez and his papi.

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