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EU Party

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The EU is turning 50 (kinda) on March 25, 2007. That means Brussels is having a massive 50 day party at what will almost certainly be taxpayer expense. In fact, though it won't be held for another 17 months, the planning has already begun.

On March 25, 2007, the Treaty of Rome, the founding document of the EU, will be half a century old. Brussels believes that this is such a key event that planning began last week, 17 months in advance.

The EU, together with the local Brussels government, envisages a massive programme of concerts, carnivals and firework displays.

Sophie Goeminne, who represents the Brussels government on the jubilee celebrations steering committee, said: "We are looking at a series of events around March 25, possibly starting on that date and running until May 9.

"This will be our way of bringing the EU closer to its citizens."

Ah, bread and circuses. Nothing like a government throwing a two-month party to make the citizens forget how much they're being charged for it (and how much got "lost" in accounting mismanagement) and how inefficient and wasteful their leaders are. And 50 days? The U.S. turned 230 this year. We had one day with a lot of celebrating and people maybe took a few days off and then it was back to business. The EU, though, is throwing itself a Bacchanalia for turning 50 (kinda).

This reminds me of the Roman Empire. When they first took power or when their popularity was suffering, emperors routinely held massive celebrations paid for with gold from the treasury. Although, to their credit, the Roman emperors often paid for such extravagance with plunder obtained during their constant conquering. The Coliseum, for example, was financed by gold and treasure taken from Jerusalem when Vespasian sacked it in AD 69. So perhaps the EU should engage in some good old-fashioned conquering to fund its party instead of plundering the pockets of its own people.

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