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I’m again returning to the old blog, or at least attempting to do so.  I’ve been pondering working with a different theme.  I’ve been using this one since sometime in 2004, I think.  There are pretty fancy themes out there, but I’ve always like the clean look here without all the cluttered side bars and such.  The down side is that the old theme is too far out of date for any of the new features and plugins Word Press has available now.  So I’ll probably take a new theme and format the appearance closer to the original look.  Something to do in the next few weeks.

Death Penalty Again

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A couple of recent news stories have reminded me of why I support the death penalty for the rather crude reason that some people just deserve to die.

The first case is that of Steven Hayes, one of two men in the much-publicized Petit murders.  Hayes and his buddy invaded the home of Dr. William Petit, took them hostage, beat the tar of the father and sexually assaulted his wife and daughters.  After the mother bravely tipped off the cashier at the bank when the bastards sent her in to drain the bank accounts, they killed her, tied the daughters to their beds, poured some gasoline around the house and set it on fire while they tried to make a run for it.

Fortunately, the jury today returned the sentence of death for Steven Hayes that he so richly deserves.  Unfortunately, who knows when Connecticut will get around to it, if ever.

In another case, Dallas-area man Gary Green last year got angry that his wife of just a few month wanted to annul their marriage.  So he tied up the woman’s six year old daughter, made the girl watch while he stabbed her mother 28 times, breaking two knives in the process.  He then filled up the bathtub and tossed in the little girl, drowning her.  After showering in the same tub, he picked up the woman’s two sons, aged 9 and 12, from church.  He stabbed the younger one in abdomen, but they managed to talk him out of killing them.  He then made the two boys hug and kiss their dead bloodied mother before he made them hug him before he left.

Gary Green deserves to die and since it’s Texas, he will.

The death penalty is the most severe punishment we have on offer and it’s usually reserved for the really horrendous crimes.  Feel free to peruse this useful site that has the details on all those sentenced to death in the U.S. since 1976, including the crimes that merited the penalty.  It’s interesting reading, but you probably won’t be able to stomach more than three or four at one viewing.

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