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The Evil and the Stupid

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The latest conspiracy theory coming out of the lefty tinfoil hat crowd is that the Newsweek story was purposely planted. By whom? Pentagon, Bush, Evil Genius Karl Rove, Dr.Evil, the bad rat from the Rats of Nimh, or others. This is similar to the theory raised about Rathergate, that Rove made and planted the Killian memos so that when Rather and CBS reported on them, his bloggist proxies could jump out and cry foul and thereby discredit the MSM. The theory this time is that malevolent beings, via the anonymous Pentagon source, planted the Koran flushing story and now refuses to confirm it, thereby discrediting the MSM.

The interesting thing about these theories, as I previously noted about the memo one, is that it’s predicated upon liberals being stupid and gullible. They implicitly say that Rove (or whomever) knew we couldn’t resist such a juicy story and that we’d report it despite inadequate verification… he used us against ourselves!

Of course, there was no reason for planting such a story. Why would the Bush administration or the Pentagon want a story published that would inflame Muslim anti-American sentiment and set back years of effort and fortune? The only way to answer that is through further conspiracy theories.

It’s not just the moonbats at DU making this claim either. It’s also coming from Keith Olbermann (a moonbat in his own right) and Norman Mailer.

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