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I previously noted here and here how the CPB is looking into liberal bias at PBS. Well, it’s also looking at bias at NPR. Not surprisingly, NPR executives are resisting any meddling in their editorial affairs.

I don’t blame them for that. Any reasonable entity that feeds off the government wants the government’s money but otherwise wants Uncle Sam to stay out of its business. Many have a valid complaint, though, that their tax dollars are going towards funding media with whose editorial line they disagree. Why should a conservative help fund liberal radio or TV? I suppose I don’t see why they should receive federal funds at all and why they shouldn’t just be privatized.

I remember when PBS ran its slogan, “If PBS doesn’t do it, who will?” Well, Nickelodeon, Discover Channel, History Channel, TLC (and the various permutations of the above) will and do. If NPR doesn’t do it and there’s a viable market for its material, then somebody else will or NPR will be able to stand on its own. If the systems are privatized and the government gets out, then the stations can have whatever bias they like and nobody can tell them differently.

I’ve heard a few of the arguments against privatizing PBS and NPR, but I’ve found them unconvincing. If somebody can tell me why they shouldn’t be privatized, I’d be happy to hear it.

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