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Sgrena Shooting

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The Giuliana Sgrena incident keeps popping in and out of the news. Recall that she is the Italian reporter who was taken hostage by insurgents in Iraq before Italy shelled out millions in ransom money (which is undoubtedly being used by terrorists to kill American soldiers) for her release. As the car in which she was traveling approached a U.S. checkpoint, it was warned to slow down, failed to do so, and was fired on by U.S. soldiers. An Italian intelligence chief was killed while Sgrena and her driver were injured. Sgrena immediately started spinning several different accounts of what happened and has claimed that it was an assassination attempt.

I’ve posted previously about the inanity of her story and how it requires some true Rube Goldberg machinations and a healthy suspension of disbelief. Now the U.S. and Italy have produced their respective reports and they don’t agree. According to this story, they agree on the facts, but not on the conclusions, which means that there’s either spin happening or they don’t really agree on the facts. If the latter, one of the things on which they may disagree is that the U.S. says Sgrena’s vehicle was traveling in excess of 60 mph towards the checkpoint and failed to heed warnings. Sgrena says they had slowed down to about 30 mph. This new report says that a satellite over the area has shown that the 60 mph figure is more accurate. Oh, but I’m sure Sgrena is telling the truth about everything else, though.

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