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The Memo

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After the media reported on the talking points memo and pretty much said that it was from the GOP, they're now backtracking… kinda. While they called it a GOP talking points memo that was distributed by and to Republicans, they never directly said it came from the Repubs. So in their mind, they're safe because they didn't directly attribute its origin to the GOP even though they heavily implied it in a variety of other ways. This would be a case of being dishonest while being technically true, an artform pioneered by politicans, practiced by lawyers, and which counts Bill Clinton as its Zen master.

With the many errors in the document, you would think the media, such as the Washington Post and ABC News, would have some slight inclination to find out where the thing came from. Surely if it did come from the GOP, that would be big news and they'd like it. On the other hand, though, if it came from Democrats, even some low-level staffer, that would be even bigger news which they would not like and would therefore not report. So why the silence?

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