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EU Constitution

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This article in the Financial Times reports on a poll showing slackening support in France for the EU constitution. Currently, 51% oppose it. What's really surprising is that just last month, a poll showed 63% in favor. That's a 14 point drop in one month.

This obviously doesn't bode well for the upcoming referendum, but it still doesn't mean much. Even if the French don't approve the constitution this time, one of two things will happen. Either the French elites will keep putting the constitution up for a vote until it's finally cleared (and then they'll crow about how much support it has from the French people despite having been previously defeated by the same people) or the elites will just implement it on their own and without a vote. The French political elite believes in the constitution and they're not going to let the inconvenient hoi-polloi stand in their way of making it law. If the citizenry can’t obey and do what they have preordained as the right thing, then they’ll just do it themselves. Democracy is really quite the nuisance to them.

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  2. CY won. Lets hope HK’s future is in good hands…On the plus side,the pig didnt win and nor did that funny lonokig short cartoony bloke on the right that looks like film director Wong Jing

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