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Kerry: Form What-80?

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John Kerry keeps promising to sign that darn Form 180 making his military records public, but for some reason, he just never gets around to it. From Stranded on Blue Islands, here's his latest ducking of the issue on the Don Imus show:

IMUS: You also told Tim that you would sign Form 180 releasing all of your military records. Have you done that?

KERRY: Yeah. We're gonna do that. Absolutely, I will. But listen, I also think . . .

IMUS: When are you going to do that?

KERRY: As soon as I get, as required by the military, precisely . . .

IMUS: Why don't you do it today?

KERRY; Because I have a stack of different material they sent me. Every time they send me something I want to know what they sent me. I'll get it done. . .

IMUS: By noon today?

KERRY: No. But shortly.

For a reminder of what Kerry said to Tim Russert on Meet the Press, go here.

You'll notice in the Imus transcript that Kerry immediately tried changing the subject or turning the attention away from after saying he'd sign the form. Imus, good man, dogged Kerry on the question. What's clear is that Kerry is politically scared to death of what's in his record.

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