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Pobre Disenfranchised

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Captain Ed is keeping a vigilant watch on the Wisconsin voter fraud issue. One of the proposed remedies in the legislature is to take the unusually extreme measure of making people prove they are who they say they are by presenting a state photo ID at the polls. You can use your drivers license or you can obtain a normal ID at the DMV. But there’s a problem, say the Dems! Requiring voters to prove their identification would disenfranchise people! Who, you might ask? The segment of the population lacking a head, perhaps?

But opponents warned that asking thousands of elderly and low-income residents who don’t have photo IDs to obtain them is an undue burden.

Karla Smith of Madison, who uses a wheelchair, told lawmakers that the measure would disenfranchise disabled people, because they would have trouble lining up transportation to get an ID.

“It sounds like a simple thing, but it’s not just a simple thing for people with disabilities and the elderly,” she told the committee. “Please don’t stop us from voting because we have to have a photo ID.”

In any given year, you’re generally going to vote on just one day. So these individuals somehow cannot manage to get to the DMV on any one of the other of the year’s 364 days?

More than that, this sort of argument is extremely patronizing and condescending to the vast majority of elderly and handicapped who are quite capable. Instead, they’re being portrayed as a large group of folks who can’t manage to do anything. I’d find that insulting. If the Dems were really concerned about these folks, they’d figure out some other way for them to get photo ID’s than the DMV instead of rejecting the voting ID-requirement altogether.

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