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Wisconsin Voter Fraud

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Captain's Quarters has the rundown on potential voter fraud in Wisconsin. The big problem? The state's laws make it absurdly easy to commit. Check out this anecdote he includes at the end:

We have a large low income apartment complex located in the district covered at the polling place I worked. We had more same day registrants for that address than could live there.

We were unable to contest any of those registrations because of a little trick called "Voter verification" It goes something like this: A voter has an out of state driver's license and wants to register.They are required to present a utility bill or some other form of information that would verify they live where they say. If they don't have that, a "legitimate elector" can verify their residence.

What is a "legitimate elector" you may ask? Well let me give you an example. Groups from Move-on.org, Vote Now, ACT, and local GOTV would drop off a group of "voters". One of the drivers would act as the "Legitimate Elector" and say this person was located where he claimed. Presto – that person is a voter.

There's even more of it here.

Nobody should be allowed to register at the polls. If you aren't registered, the most you should be allowed is a provisional ballot that is put to the side and not counted unless and until the county can verify you actually do live within the specified district. What's really astonishing about this is that there were so many people who engaged in this practice… just outright lying and cheating. And yet instead of feeling guilt, they probably patted themselves on the back at the end of the day. It's amazing what tactics the left will approve of when they're done in the name of defeating Republicans.

Connected to this, remember all the vandalism, burglaries, and hostile takeovers of Republican campaign offices before the election? No Democrats approved of any of it, of course, but I never heard one single Democrat, let alone a prominent one, let alone John Kerry, do or say anything to condemn what was happening. Not one. You also never saw anything more about it in the media than maybe one short story per incident. If it had been Democratic offices being broken into, the media would worked themselves into an orgasmic fury making comparisons to Watergate, issuing New York Times editorials, and calling on every Republican they can find, especially Bush, to denounce what was happening. When it was Republican offices, though, you got nothing. In my book, the refusal to condemn evil is nothing more than quiet consent.

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