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Schwarzenegger for President?

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There's occasional talk about amending the Constitution so that foreign born citizens can be elected. Whenever this talk occurs, Arnold Schwarzenegger is inevitably mentioned as a man who could benefit. The amendment must never be ratified for nothing from the awful (yet strangely entertaining) movie Demolition Man must ever come to pass. To quote:

LeninaHuxley: I have, in fact, perused some newsreels in the Schwartzenegger Library.
JohnSpartan: Hold it. The Schwartzenegger Library?
LeninaHuxley: Yes. The Schwartzenegger Presidential Library. Wasn't he an actor when you…
JohnSpartan: But how? He was President?
LeninaHuxley: Yes! Even though he wasn't born in this country, his popularity at the time caused the 61st Amendment which states…
JohnSpartan: I don' wanna know. President.

Although it may already be too late to stop the movie's predictions from coming true. The trivia section of IMDB's entry of the movie notes that "Scott Peterson" is on the list of notorious criminals' names that the bad guy seeks to reanimate.

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  1. […] Nearly two and a half years ago, this blog expressed its worry over rumblings of a Constitutional amendment that would allow foreign-born American citizens to become President. My concern was that this would validate a reference made in the terrible yet entertaining movie Demolition Man, a film already with one true prediction in that it listed a ‘Scott Peterson’ as a criminal in the cryo-prison. […]

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