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Dems: We’re Gullible AND Stupid!

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The undeniable conclusion that the CBS memos are fake is gaining consensus. This is having a few interesting results.

First, Dan Rather is sticking by his story that the documents are the real deal despite the fact that they’re clearly not. You’d think he’d at least make the desparate case that they’re modern transcriptions, but no, he’s maintaining they’re authentic. I think we may be witnessing the end of Dan Rather. It’s too difficult yet to know how this will play out in the land of Big Media and at CBS, but this is going to hurt Rather, especially if the few theories that he used his clout to push the story to broadcast without proper vetting turn out to be true. That’s still a little conspiracy theory-ish, though, so I’m not putting stock in it. I think it’s more that he reported it, he’s Dan Rather, and he doesn’t dare back down and admit that he presented horrible forgeries as authentic documents.

Second, the Kerry campaign and the DNC are doing their best to validate the story. Edwards has called on Bush to respond to the memos’ allegations, thus he’s calling them authentic. The DNC sent out an e-mail saying much the same as Edwards. They’re trying to dupe Bush into responding to them now, which would imply that the White House is verifying the memos and then the Dems could hammer away at him on it, no matter what the truth is.

Third, and this is the most entertaining, some Democrats are saying that this was a GOP setup! That the Republicans, led by the evil genius Karl Rove, produced the documents and leaked them over to CBS and others in order to discredit the Dems and the media. George Stephanopoulos said the following on Good Morning America:

“It’s certainly possible. And Charlie, I’ve just got to tell you, people from all over the political world yesterday, they don’t even know where the dirty tricks are coming from. I should say, just before we got on the air, Joe Lockhart of the Kerry campaign denies that the Kerry campaign had anything to do with these documents. Another Kerry researcher says they learned about them on television. A lot of Democrats suspect this was a set up, something set up by Republicans. So there’s a lot of suspicion going around on all sides.”

This is tinfoil hat conspiracy stuff. Here’s three subpoints to this third point:
A) This is like the crook saying it was his victim’s fault he stole her car stereo because she left the door unlocked. Even if we pretend the GOP did produce the memos, they didn’t make CBS use them!

B) I sincerely hope that if the Republican party organized a deception operation like this that they would produce more believable forgeries than these. Honestly… whoever made these wasn’t even trying very hard to make them look authentic and he’s probably flabbergasted that somebody actually bought it. A professional forger would surely have made pains to make the memos not look a standard default Word document that we all look at everyday.

C) By making the accusations, the Dems are essentially saying that they’re both gullible and stupid. “Those wily Republicans managed to fool us with clever mock-ups!” Except the mock-ups weren’t clever at all. And the Dems still accepted them. So what does that say about them?

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