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Would Pericles Approve?

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So I watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics tonight. They were ok. The entire time, though, I just kept thinking of how I'd pay good money if Bob Costas and Katie Couric would just shut the hell up. It's as if they get nervous going more than 10 seconds without saying something and then they'll bust out with an inane comment. Let the ceremony speak for itself, people. We don't need your blithering.

I did like the "living art" theme the organizers did. I thought they left out a few things, though. Like say, Greece's ancient military prowess and how they saved Western civilization from the Persians on several occasions. The only military references at all were a few rows of empty uniforms and a representation of Alexander the Great, who was, technically, Macedonian. Although, he did spread Greek culture throughout North Africa and the Near East. But no, that was it… nothing about Thermopylae or Marathon or Salamis. I also don't recall anything about democracy or representative government or egalitarianism. My only guess as to the reasons for these omissions is that they didn't want to offend those in the East who threatened the West and also didn't want to offend those who live under oppressive tyrannies. After all, we don't want to make it seem like the West's way is better, right? Heaven forbid.

On a related note, Couric noted how the official uniform of the Greek guards includes a "skirt" with 400 pleats in it, each pleat representing a year Greece was ted before gaining independence in 1832. She failed to mention from whom Greece had gained its freedom: the Ottoman Empire. Greece had been in thrall to the Muslim East for all those years. The country for years had been on the front lines of battling against the Muslim hordes driving into eastern Europe. In fact, the Parthenon was fairly well destroyed 1687 in a war pitting the Ottomans against the Venetians. The former were using the building as an ammo depot when the Venetians scored a direct hit and blew up the joint.

Speaking of the Parthenon, the most embarrassing part of Costas's and Couric's commentary was during the ceremony, there was a of the building rotating on a little rod. Couric commented that it reminded her of the flying house from The Wizard of Oz and Costas followed it up with ?singing? the flying monkey theme. Yeah? nice way to honor a great monument of Western architecture and skill.

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