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A favorite recurring theme: Bill Clinton. The occasion for this post is a speech he gave at a meeting of the Conference Board of New York on April 15th. The Weekly Standard provides an excerpt of the Most Empathetic One (more on it here). In the first part, he claims that a journalist honcho, who is unnamed and, frankly, questionable in existence, called up Bill and said he warned us about Islamism during his presidency. I don’t recall him mentioning it all that much. To whatever extent he did, it was meaningless since he didn’t do anything about militant Islamists… oh yeah, with the exception of firing off a few cruise missiles at a pharmaceuticals plant. Will the man never stop trying to polish his record? I guarantee you… absolutely guarantee you, he has already decided, after much thought, what his dying words will be if he’s given the chance to say them. No doubt it will be something poetic yet strangely devoid of meaningfulness and said with one last lip-bite.

The next part is a perfect illustration of why Clinton was such a lousy president. He simply doesn’t understand the fact that the U.S. has self-interests in foreign policy that must be followed in spite of the world. Bill makes it clear that if it were up to him, the UN would be charge. At one point, he says that it was wrong of us to set the timetable for attacking Iraq instead of letting Hans Blix set it! Amazing! A huge foreign policy move by the most powerful country astride the earth should be decided by a Swiss professor who has made it clear in the past month that he’s a complete anti-American pacifist who would never have clearly called Iraq in non-compliance anyway. Along those lines, there’s likely a Finnish accountant out there who would be delighted to be Secretary of the Treasury.

Bill sums it up with the line, “So yeah, I’m still pretty much for the UN.” This is in contrast to the preceding paragraph in which he disdains the attitude in the current administration that since “something terrible happened to us on September 11th[,] it gave us the right to interpret all future events in a way that everyone else in the world must agree with us, and if they don’t they can go straight to hell.” Well, yeah. Given the choice between another September 11th and Chirac being miffed at us, I’ll go with a disgruntled Chirac. That’s what governments are supposed to do. They’re supposed to pursue the interests and safety first and foremost. Too bad Clinton spent his time working on his ego and other self-interests of his own.

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