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It Was a White Wedding, but the Gifts Were Red

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After my wife and I got married, we had to go through a number of wedding gifts and we also purchased some furniture. One of the things I noticed is just how much is made in China. In general, that's where many products come from. It makes me wonder, though… when the average Chinese worker is making all this great stuff that they can't possibly hope to possess because it either isn't available to them or is just far out of their meager price range, do they ever think about what a crumby country they're in? If I spent my day assembling nice bedroom furniture for the huge American middle-class mass market and this furniture was too big to even fit in my tiny apartment, I'd start having second thoughts about this whole Communism concept.

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  1. […] I’m a little ambivalent about this. I don’t mind competition and actually quite like it. And though I buy many products made in China (something I noted here), I don’t like the idea of forking over so much money to a Chinese corporation. China’s politics are oppressive, it’s actively working to undermine American interests here and abroad (the Chinese spy network in the U.S. is quite extensive and quite good), and by one trick or another it’s stealing American technology. […]

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