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Kim Jong Il – A God Among Men

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For whatever reason, I wandered onto the site for the People's Democratic Republic of Korea, aka North Korea.  I started reading the biography for Kim Jong Il and it's… interesting.  Some excerpts:

From his early years Comrade Kim Jong Il possessed the power of keen observation, the power of clear analysis and extraordinary perspicacity with regard to things and phenomena.  he had a faculty for creative thinking, regarding every problem with an innovative eye.

Courageous and ambitious, Comrade Kim John Il did everything in a big way; he had a strong and daring character which enabled him to carry any difficult task to completion with his own efforts, once he started it.

Possessed of warm human love and broadmindedness, he was always generous, unceremonius and warm-hearted among people.

His unusual natural disposition was nurtured, so developing the traits and quality of a future revolutionary and leader, thanks to the exceptional education he received from his parents.

It then talks about his education, which was wide and "profound."  Most of it deals with how he studied everything possible and how he advanced the party and the revolution.  I did like this part:

During his practice at the Pyongyang Textile machinery Factory he aroused the workers of the factory to launch a movement for  model machines in maintenance and operation, personally handling lathe No. 26.  This movement became the inception of the "model machine movement of loyalty for emulating lathe No. 26″, which is now conducted as a mass movement.

"Dude, what movement are you part of?"   "The model machine movement of loyalty for emulating lathe No. 26.  It's totally sweet."

He's a great author too:

In his treatise On Reexamining the Question of the Unification of the Three Kingdoms, Comrade Kim John Il comprehensively analysed and criticised the "Theory of the Unification of the Three Kingdoms by Silla", and the "Theory of Sila's Orthodoxy", and put forward his view on the need of newly systematizing from a Juche-orientated stand the Korean history which had been distorted by flunkey historians.  As it turned out, this was a great scientific discovery.

I didn't bother reading beyond that.  I can only take so much comedy and so many lies at once.

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  1. duu uneheer ih tlglaadaaa IU maani Kim Yuna-iin hajuud neeh huurhun joohon ohin shig IgU huurhun uhuurdum ymaa khkh saihan goy duu boljee sonsood bmaar ,tnku tnku

    Comment by Sanchit — 10/16/2015 @ 10:10 pm

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