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Picture Time

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You're screwed

President-elect Obama smiles big, 'cause he knows something you don't:  You're screwed.

You're next, buddy!

John McCain made sure to take notes during Bob Dole's 1996 concession speech.  You know… just in case.


Jesse Jackson reflects on how he's glad he didn't cut Obama's nuts off.

Red Star and Obama, just right

A red star and Obama… they just seem to go together.

Prop 8 protest Prop 8 Protest

People protesting the passage of Prop 8 in California, which effectively banned gay marriage.

'Cause, ya know, the best way to get folks to support you is to scare the straight people

(On a sidenote, I'd be willing to bet that many mainstream homosexuals get rather annoyed with the weirdos among them who get this sort of attention; they don't exactly help their causes.  This reminds of a story in The Onion.)

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