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A Parody Comes True

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An old joke is that because of the media's racial angles, if a giant asteroid were headed towards Earth, the headlines would read, "Asteroid to Destroy All Life on Planet! Blacks to be Most Affected."

Well, the joke is coming true. BET has a piece up declaring that "Global Warming Could Spell Disaster for Blacks."

It's fun reading. It also contains this gem: "President Bush enraged environmentalists when he opted out of the Kyoto protocol global warming treaty, saying it would harm the U.S. economy." This is the treaty that was voted down in the Senate (the only entity that can approve treaties) by a vote of 95-0. Yet curiously, Bush always gets all the blame for it.


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  2. Of course, when the Senate nixed the Kyoto suicide pact, Bush wasn’t even in office yet. But the BET folks aren’t exactly famous for having a clue.

    Comment by Van Helsing — 1/24/2006 @ 2:25 pm

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