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Niceness From the Left

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The Washington Post had to close down one of its blogs because the comments had gotten obscene and out of hand.

In her Sunday column, ombudsman Deborah Howell wrote that Abramoff "had made substantial campaign contributions to both major parties," prompting a wave of nasty reader postings on post.blog.

There were so many personal attacks that the newspaper's staff could not "keep the board clean, there was some pretty filthy stuff," and so the Post shut down comments on the blog, or Web log, said Jim Brady, executive editor of washingtonpost.com.

She's written an addendum here in which she says that a better phrasing would be that Abramoff "directed" money to both parties in that he advised his clients to do so. She then backs it up with some data.

This goes to show the level of discourse, however, in the leftie blogosphere. Yes, there are obscene troll comments that come out of the conservative side, but it's a greater problem for the liberal side. I think a contributing factor is that on many of the prominent liberal blogs, you will see straight-out profanity-laced vitriol. If you go to DailyKos, right at the top of the main page is an ad that says, "Money is f**king up the democratic party…" Related to Post blog, a post farther down says, "And when readers challenge her to, I don't know, do her f**king job, how does the Washington Post respond?" You'll see even more if you delve further into the site. If this is what the prominent blogs do, then no wonder that its readers do the same thing. If the comments were a physical forum, they'd be the same folks shouting down Howell or perhaps throwing pies at her.

I don’t expect politeness in political discourse… it would be nice, but far too optimistic. I do, however, expect some minimal level of civility. Tell me when you find it.

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  1. Well, Deborah THINKS she got rid of the comments but she didn’t. Click below and find out where most of them went.


    Comment by mcconnell — 1/20/2006 @ 5:11 am

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