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Alito Hearings

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I tried watching some of the Alito hearings yesterday. I could only watch for so long because the political posturing from both sides just annoyed me.

But why should the Senate committee members have all the fun? Yes, you too can be a senator interviewing a nominee to the Supreme Court! Just follow these easy steps:

  • If you're a member of the opposition party, make sure to follow this question format:
    1) State some sort of problem that you perceive in society and ask how the nominee would rule on a case concerning that problem.
    2) No matter what the nominee says, just respond, "Well, I'm afraid I have to disagree with you on that, such and such is still a big problem. Now I’d like to ask you about something else." Then go back to step 1.

    In step 1, make sure to spend an inordinate amount of time sermonizing and basically giving a speech before actually asking the question. The content of the speech need not be related to the question being asked. For added points, sermonize again in step 2.

  • If you're a member of the majority party, follow the same process as above, but praise the nominee for his wisdom and insight in step 2 instead of criticizing him.
  • Honestly, it just gets tiresome after a while. And again, we see that the Democrats can't find their ass with both hands. The repeated attempts (especially by Ted Kennedy) to hang Concerned Alumni of Princeton around Alito's neck have obviously failed. Considering that there's absolutely no evidence that Alito was anything but a mere member of the group, it's amazing that the Dems thought the gambit would work. If Alito had a prominent role in the organization or wrote for them, that'd be one thing, but he apparently just joined it and donated a few bucks. The Dems are engaging in opposition for opposition's sake.

    One other observation: this is supposed to be an important hearing, somewhat solemn, and of paramount importance to the republic. You would then expect presentation and decorum that reflect this. Yet when I watch it, I can’t ignore all the photographers sitting around in front of the senators. They’re squatting on the ground or sitting Indian-style or have their legs pulled up, their equipment is scattered all over the place… it looks like a Kindergarten play area… it looks completely ridiculous. I understand the need to get pictures and that the press needs accessibility, but you’d think they could stick the photographers behind the senators or in the shadows or something; anything so that they could still get their pictures, but aren’t littering the ground and making the hearing look like reading time at the public library.


    1. I totally agree with you, Dan. I wrote a similar post about the Alito hearings yesterday.

      Comment by pamela — 1/12/2006 @ 1:39 pm

    2. I agree completely, although what bothers me most is that I don’t see any end to this partisan crap. Had Alito been a liberal, the parties would simply swap strategies, and the Republicans would find an equivalent to the CAP issue.

      Rep (feigning outrage): “You donated to the ACLU? The organization that wants to rid our nation of God and baseball and apple pie and everything American?
      Dem (in cocky tone): “Judge Alito, do you worship Satan?”

      :-) What a bunch of clowns.

      Comment by Mike — 1/12/2006 @ 3:29 pm

    3. Mike, I do not think that is a fair comment about the Republicans because they were quite decent to both of Clinton’s nominees.

      Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the director of the ACLU’s Womens Rights Project and she was treated very repectfully by the Republicans who questioned her and she was confirmed with 96 votes. Nobody even remembers her hearings because the Republicans acknoledged that she was qualified and deserved respect. Breyer also got 87 votes and nobody remembers his hearings either.

      Compare that to how the Democrats have treated Roberts and Alito. Anyone willing to bet that Alito will get 87 or 96 votes?

      Comment by Pete The Elder — 1/13/2006 @ 4:58 pm

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