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Time Spit Take

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Time magazine's section on "People Who Mattered 2005″ featured New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin with this blurb:

Could he have done more to get his people out before Katrina hit? Probably. But once the levees broke, the mayor of New Orleans embodied the pain and frustration of his city, even cursing on the radio as he joined thousands of stranded residents in wondering why their government had failed them.

What?! He was the government that failed them. And by publicly whining and panicking in a time of crisis, he showed himself to be a pitiful leader. Instead of trying to do anything himself, he sat around and waited for the big daddy feds to do things for him and then complained that the government responsible for the entire country wasn't fast enough dealing with the small locality under his specific jurisdiction. Nagin mattered, alright. Too bad he didn't matter more.

This is typical, though, in that the media put the blame on the federal government (who did deserve some blame), while ignoring the glaring incompetence of Nagin and Louisiana governor Blanco.

Try looking at the rest of the people to see the leftward tilt.

For George W. Bush and Dick Cheney: "After winning re-election and claiming a mandate, the President and his No. 2 quickly squandered their political capital."

John McCain and Harry Reid are pleasingly featured for sticking it to the President.

Tom Delay gets a spot for his indictments and stepping down as House majority leader.

Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame get a spot, natch.

Patrick Fitzgerald receives a mention for casting "an unflattering light on the inner workings of the White House and the press."

Cindy Sheehan pops in for second 886 of the 900 she's allowed.

Condi's blurb ends with this: "And she must be doing something right: she's far more popular than her boss."

Tony Blair took "Britain into a deeply unpopular war."

On Pope Benedict XVI: "For years Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger seemed too polarizing a conservative to succeed John Paul II." Where's the 'but?' Here it is: "But his closeness to the late Pontiff, his intellectual substance and his high profile entering the conclave turned him into the obvious choice." Notice the but clause did nothing to dispel the ‘polarizing conservative’ label.

Kanye West is in. He "freestyled an outraged rant on a TV benefit for Katrina victims." Is that what blurting out pause-riddled incoherent whines in the style of a five-year-old is called nowadays?

It's a little ridiculous.

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  1. Nagin “joined thousands of stranded residents in wondering why their government had failed them.”

    That’s like Time joining thousands of disgusted readers in wondering why the mainstream media has failed them.

    Comment by Van Helsing — 12/21/2005 @ 5:05 pm

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