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Fowling Your Own Nest

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Related to the last post, if the West’s tolerance often works against it, then militant Islam’s predilection for violence is its greatest weakness. It could have (and has) comfortably exploited the West’s tolerance, gained footholds and political power, and gradually made changes in its favor. Instead, it perpetrated the events on 9/11 and woke up America to its threat. Then it roused the even sleepier Europeans by bombing a Spanish train, murdering Theo Van Gogh, sending death threats to a Dutch newspaper, and rioting across France, making them aware of the danger in their midst.I’m not claiming these are coordinated events under some monolithic militant Islam, but rather that they all stem from the same ideology. Then, if that weren’t enough, they attack their own base. They set off bombs in Saudi Arabia, bomb hotels in Egypt and Jordan, and commit unusually abhorrent atrocities in Iraq. In doing so, they turn their supporters against them. It’s a remarkably bad strategy, but because their primary tactic is violence, violence, violence, they are unable to do otherwise even when it works against their best interests. It’s a self-destructive pattern.

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