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No Talking at the Urinal

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Now every good man knows that you generally don't talk while peeing at the urinal. Nothing is more annoying than to be taking care of business when some dope shuffles up to the next urinal and makes some inane comment about the weather, sports, or other stupid topic. I'm peeing, I don't know you, I don't care about whatever you're mentioning, and I hate small talk anyway. I usually just say, "Yup," and hurry to finish before he says something else. And that's just the small stuff. You certainly shouldn't go raising inflamatory topics. That's why I can't understand why Mike Wallace, who is now just shy of his 243rd birthday, couldn't keep his trap shut when he sidled up to the urinal next to Dan Rather.

According to sources inside the network, Wallace recently got into a shouting match with Rather after telling the disgraced journo he should have resigned over “Memogate”—while the two men were standing side-by-side at a urinal.

“They were both standing at the urinals when Wallace casually mentioned what he had told Katie,” says the source. ”There proceeded a twenty-minute shouting match in the bathroom” between Rather and the 87-year-old journalist.

I just hope they both zipped up before things got too heated. Although as old as they both are, I suppose their prostates could have easily kept them in place for the full 20 minutes. All the same, don't talk at urinals.

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  1. Sounds like too big egos having a pissing contest to me.

    Good to know that at least someone with clout had the integrity to tell Rather he should quit.

    Dan Rather still should have been fired.

    Comment by Pete The Elder — 11/1/2005 @ 3:23 pm

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