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Earlier this evening I was watching Aaron Brown on CNN. I was quickly reminded why I don't like the man. He often comes from a blatant leftwards bias and he has this classic condescending smirk that you can count on seeing at least once every three minutes. I was putting up with him, but got fed up around the time he was talking to CNN's Pentagon correspondent. Right after asking a bunch of politically-charged questions, he smirked and commented on how politics sure are playing a role in things… as if he’s playing no role in that. It drives me straight up the wall when media folks act as if they're passively reporting on a story or viewpoint that they are actively influencing.

I turned off the TV.

I thought about turning to FoxNews, but I had already left that because I was annoyed with O'Reilly. He seriously made the suggestion that we should just stop buying gas on Sundays as a way to save fuel and stick it to the oil companies, which is a seriously flawed idea. Even if no gas is purchased on Sundays, it will just be bought on Saturdays or Mondays. The required gas consumption will be the same and the same amount of fuel will be purchased. On what day it's purchased is irrelevant.

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