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Dollar vs. Euro

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Does anybody remember all the fretting late last year and earlier this year about the weak U.S. dollar as compared to the euro? The euro was up to around $1.35 and there was all this doom and gloom in the media and about the political implications. You might be wondering why you haven't heard anything about it lately? This might be why:

money graph

The dollar's been steadily rising against the euro this year. For some reason, the improving prospects of the greenback have escaped the media's attention. During the original "crisis," they also tended to omit how the euro is heavily propped up by the EU, that the single currency has been very bad for several member economies, and how there's been some vague mumblings among some to withdraw from the monetary unit. I'm no economics expert, but I think that long-term, the long-established currency of the world's largest economy is a better bet than the new one created when 12 disparate economies got mashed together.

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