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Study on Fox News

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The NYT is reporting on a study that examined whether the introduction of Fox News in particular areas had any effect on said areas' voting patterns. The conclusion: it didn't. This isn't particularly surprising. It's not as if a different presentation of the news is going to suddenly shift the electoral map. I believe the professors who conducted the study have it right in that people will view the information presented by the station with a certain bias. If you tilt left, you're likely to be suspicious of Fox News as it's seen by many lefties as the great broadcast boogeyman and the VRWC's media whore. Conservatives on the other hand will view it more favorably as it presents the news from a non-liberal perspective, unlike most other media outlets. So really it just tends to confirm what people already think.

I ordinarily trawl the internet for my news (from a variety of sources) so I don't actually watch much TV news except for special events or live coverage. Then I usually just choose the channel that has the most complete coverage, best picture, or most interesting/informative commentary (or least commentary if I prefer they shut up and let things speak for themselves).

Now for my obligatory nitpicking on NYT verbiage:

An appealing feature of their study is that it does not matter if Fox News represents the political center and the rest of the media the liberal wing, or Fox represents the extreme right and the rest of the media the middle.

It's nice how the mere 'liberal wing' is contrasted with 'the extreme right.' Why not the extreme left?

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  1. This study if flawed beyond belief. Seriously the *best* that can be concluded from this study is that more people voted for Kerry than Gore. There was no repetition, no direct link, flimsy control, bad assumptions… this was a craptacular job of using statistics.

    Comment by Ookami Snow — 8/18/2005 @ 3:02 pm

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