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Reporters’ Sources

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When reporters use anonymous sources, they normally bend over backwards to ensure those sources remain anonymous, up to and including going to jail rather than reveal identities. You may recall not long ago that Matt Cooper of Time magazine was in this situation because he would not tell a judge who let him know that Joe Wilson was married to a CIA agent, Valerie Plame. Time eventually decided to reveal the source who turned out to be Karl Rove. I thought it particularly telling that a media outlet opted to waive its normally ardent commitment to confidentiality in this case. If it had been most anybody else, they would have protected the source, but this is Republican strategist and Evil Genius Karl Rove we're talking about. This is a guy liberals despise and wouldn't mind see being hung out to dry. So when I read this quote from Time's editor-in-chief Norman Pearlstine, I believe my suspicion is somewhat supported:

A 90-second conversation with the president's spin doctor, who was trying to undermine a whistle-blower, probably didn't deserve confidential source status.

It seems Mr. Pearlstine already had his mind made up about the roles being played.

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