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It's hard to beat Oliver Stone for being an idiot. He's currently planning a big Hollywood movie about the 9/11 attacks. That would be fine except that he's also a Bush-hater, is a typical cultural relativist, and has a tendency to manipulate and make up historical events in order to make his conspiratorial storyline mesh. So expect a presentation of 9/11 as being something America earned, the terrorists are just confused angry men, and Bush's response to it was that of a bumbling fool. In other words, expect a dramatization of Michael Moore's already fictional account.

On a related note, Stone's chutzpah extends to his last movie, Alexander. It was a major flop, but that, of course, isn't his fault. Despite the fact many historians and classicists didn't like it, movie critics didn't like it, and the general public didn't like it, Stone is chalking it up to kids misunderstanding history.

He says, "Because of BRAVEHEART, I think kids see ancient times as, 'Hey man, that's violence!' They don't see it as separate cultures that in some cases had stronger values than ours.

"The Greek culture in its entirety is what I was going for, or the Persian culture. It's not just a hero's tale. Alexander was a flawed hero, a complex character.

That's right, it failed because kids just couldn't appreciate his perfect and superb presentation of ancient history. It's nice when somebody always has ready excuses for their own failures.

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