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Facebook Vapidity

Filed under: General — Dangerous Dan @ 10:28 pm

Among the reasons I’ve probably posted less to this blog was because I discovered Facebook and it’s a remarkable time waster.  While it’s unlikely I’ll leave it, I’ve grown tired of some of the utter shallowness of it all.  It’s like a gigantic polite dinner party where everybody engages in some basic small talk and avoids mentioning anything mildly controversial.

The problem is that I don’t find that very interesting.  And I’m also not always that polite.  I have my share of uninteresting statuses, but toss in some link posts, statuses, and comments that are meant to provoke, and they do.  Many folks just ignore them, some complain that I’m breaking the mellowness, and others engage in the same level of debate you’d see in just about any blog comment thread, i.e. fairly useless and filled with about every logical fallacy in the book.  I probably wouldn’t bother, but sometimes I just like to argue.  I figure they’ll convince me, I’ll convince them, or we both improve our arguments.  I just get tired of being the only guy with arguments.  At least posts about relevant topics are (or should be) more interesting than details about what people had for lunch.  Don’t be one of those people.

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